Kids Leading Worship

Church #34. Meet Stephanie Luedtke. She is a deacon with responsibilities in faith formation and worship at  St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. With an averaging worship attendance of 200-250 people on a given Sunday, Luedtke’s position allows her to mix her passion of children, youth, and family ministry into meaningful worship. Before Luedtke’s … Continue reading Kids Leading Worship

Maundy Thursday – Dinner Church Style

Church #31. Meet Maundy Thursday. A few years ago, Good Shepherd moved from the traditional church service to a cross+generational dinner church model. And I love it! Why? Several reasons: It's practical! People need to eat. It's biblical! Jesus broke bread with his community. It's experiential! People encounter Jesus in a new participatory way! Here … Continue reading Maundy Thursday – Dinner Church Style